admin, October 14, 2021

Bloom’s Taxonomy identified 6 areas of teaching and learning. Edward DeBono popularized these areas as 6 “Thinking Hats” – a tool to strengthen critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity skills. Now, Dr. Colin Benjamin brings you “Trains of Thought” using the 16 areas of PPP (the Personal Preferences Profile).

Author of How We Make Up Our Minds, which is all about making more and better choices, Dr. Colin Benjamin has developed a unique framework that develops the 6 areas of teaching and learning into the 16 independent pathways of PPP that reveal a pattern of our preferences and  mindsets, based on the way in which each individual interacts with his or her world. 

Trains of Thought resources  gives everyone an equal chance to find their own best path into more focused education, individualized learning, discovering their strengths at their own pace, and discovering an ideal fit with a career they enjoy because they made a highly informed choice. This all results in better quality of life. 

Too much attention has been, and is being paid to certificates, higher qualifications and tests that act as barriers to achievement. Children are showing very high levels of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and educational trauma. 

Trains of Thought makes it easier to develop the right train of thought to be on track for a brighter future. Every family experiences the impacts that come with children growing up and as they are impacted by the shift from informal to formal classroom learning environments. 

Teachers have classrooms now with the mandate to put children on individual learning plans, run differentiated lessons and ensure each child, at whatever learning stage they’re at, is able to advance. Sounds wonderful in principle, but any teacher knows it’s extremely challenging in action.

Robert Palmer and The Education Professionals has organized the twenty six educational activity books in order to support and empower teachers to reach individual learners. 

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