ENJOY LIFE (it only takes 60 minutes in one day!)

admin, October 14, 2021

What would you do if someone gave you an hour a day, every day, to spend on making your life healthier and happier?

Build a boat? Take up tennis? Learn a language? Sign up for swimming lessons? Try to tap dance?

We will help you find 60 minutes a day if you promise to spend it having fun.

You do not have to find the whole 60 minutes in one go. Three times 20 minutes, six times ten minutes, twelve times five minutes, and many other combinations equal 60 minutes. Get up 15 minutes earlier and go to bed fifteen minutes later and you will already be half-way there – a whole half- hour richer!

Try putting a timer on telephone calls, limit television viewing to the absolutely unmissable programs, arrange to have your groceries delivered, access your e-mails only twice a day, quit working through lunch breaks, recruit others to help with the chores – spread the word about ‘finding 60’ and it could start catching on with everyone.

Everyone needs time to have fun – that is what the ‘Life. Be in it.’ family is all about. Seeing leisure as important does not mean we are less interested in work – it is just that more and more we recognise the value of recreation to ‘Live more of your life.’


A serious number of children, teenagers and adults are turning into couch potatoes or computer zombies because they just don’t get enough movement into their bodies. Sitting in front of a screen or at a desk all day does not provide the exercise our bodies need to stay healthy.

Dance. Everyone loves music. Find the music that really moves you and gets you dancing. Do it to music videos if that helps. Don’t just watch other people dance, get up and do it with them.

Ride. Bike riding burns fat and really gets your heart pumping. It is a fantastic cardio exercise for everyone. Select the route carefully to avoid injuries or accidents. Don’t forget horses and ponies like being ridden too!

Tag. A good game of tag is fun and you don’t need any exercise equipment to do it. It can be done in your own back yard, on the beach, or in a local park.

Fly. Kite flying is very relaxing and almost meditative for both children and adults. There is a good amount of exercise involved to make the kite really fly.

Play. Visit your community playground. The playground is a wonderful place to stretch muscles, let off steam … and meet new people.

Commit. During the winter months, consider signing up for indoor gymnastics or swimming opportunities. Pile on some warm clothes and go for a brisk walk.

Enjoy Life!