About Us

The ‘Live More Of Your Life’ website is owned and administered by The Education Professionals, a licensee of Life. Be in it. In early 2021, the Founder of The Education Professionals (and the creator of many of the educational resources), Robert Palmer (RP), joined forces with the Actor/Artist Pablo Robert (PR).

This dynamic duo, forming the ‘RP-PR‘ team, i.e.The RiPPeR TEAM is about to make great changes happen and seek to inspire individuals to Live More of their Life, and gain greater satisfaction in their life, as we all develop to be better human beings, better for each other, better for the planet, and better for the future.

The Education Professionals support the vision and mission of Life. Be in it. through activities, resources and educational programs.

Our current initiatives include the creation of Eddy Profs Club and The E-Team for greater learning and engagement for our kids of today.

Fifty years have flown since Life. Be in it. issued its clarion call across the nation to ‘Be More Active’ and ‘Live More Of Your Life.’ We are proud to confirm that Australia has achieved substantial progress towards those two critical objectives — holding a five-year lead on other Western nations.